About Us

ReNAPRI’S vision is to support national agricultural policy research institutes in Africa to be centers of excellence that guide and inform national and regional agricultural and food security policy issues.

ReNAPRI’S mission is to support dynamic collaboration amongst national agricultural policy research institutes to produce sustainable and high-quality research, outreach and capacity development that promotes national and regional agricultural policy objectives. The network, therefore, seeks to strengthen collaboration amongst national policy institutes within the region to provide relevant and timely national and regional policy support to stakeholders such as national governments and Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

The specific objectives of the network are to:

  1. Assist the national institutes in building their own capacity to carry out high quality policy analysis and outreach through collaboration and coordination of activities through development and undertaking policy training programmes, targeting researchers, decision makers, and students;
  2. Provide more effective policy guidance to national policy makers through collaboration on strategic issues where cross-country learning is particularly relevant through facilitating the sharing of national data and information amongst the national policy institutes;
  3. Promote peer learning and sharing of skills amongst the researchers, associate researchers and students in the region.


The network comprises public national agriculture policy research institutes who are:

  1. Established and operate with the support of national governments to provid independent, quality agriculture policy research to government and national stakeholders, as part of the national policy agenda;
  2. Well recognized within the countries and have a rich background of supporting their national governments and national stakeholders on various agriculture policy and capacity issues in line with the national priority needs;
  3. Subscribe to ideals of regional networking in order to jointly build capacities and data sharing for purposes of realizing their own national potential.

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Formed on November 16th 2012, ReNAPRI was created at the initiative of the national agricultural policy institutes to enable them to effectively coordinate with each other, share data, collaborate on providing solutions to the common challenges facing the ESA region.

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