Annual ReNAPRI Stakeholder Conference

ReNAPRI’s approach to policy research is multifaceted and includes farm-level, sector-level and value-chain analysis within a Strategic Foresighting framework. As such, the Outlook provides a baseline scenario and future projections of maize, wheat, rice and/or sugar markets within the context of rapidly changing agricultural systems in Africa. The analysis includes horizon scanning, which identifies the emerging ‘megatrends’ currently shaping Africa’s agri-food systems, and impact assessments of domestic policy on regional trade flow patterns.

2017 – Unfolding Agricultural Transformation in Africa: Strategies for sustainable development

Conference programme Conference concept note Conference registration form Conference hotel accommodation Conference logistics guide Conference Description: At the turn of the century scholars agreed that Africa’s development crisis was largely underpinned by policy failure. However, the combined effect of African governments’ commitment to transformation (as embodied in CAADP) and the rapid rise in economic growth

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