2nd Annual Stakeholders Conference a Success

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ReNAPRI successfully hosted the 2nd Annual ReNAPRI Stakeholders Conference in Maputo, Mozambique from 27th-28th October 2015 under the theme “Anticipating the Future of Agriculture in the Region: Outlook for Maize, Wheat, Sugar and Rice” at the VIP Grand Hotel.

The meeting attracted the participation of 123 registered participants namely; private sectors players, policy makers, development partners and civil society organizations from the region best slimming tablets.

The following are the key outcomes of the meeting:

  • Policy Briefs: ReNAPRI will be producing three policy briefs on the following areas:
    • Megatrends
    • Growth Decomposition
    • Outlook Scenario on Trade
  • Strengthened Partnerships and Collaboration between Public and Private Sector:
    ReNAPRI will strive to improve its data systems so as to enhance usage of its modelling to inform critical decisions for both public and private sector players.
  • OECD-FAO Global Outlook Special Chapter:
    ReNAPRI has been engaged to provide a special chapter in the OECD-FAO Global Outlook. The chapter will take the African story to the world and incorporate established approaches to Outlook modelling as implemented by OECD-FAO to the ReNAPRI model.

ReNAPRI thanks its partners and participants for their support and participation.