Dr. Brian Mulenga- Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI), Zambia

Brian P. Mulenga holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, from Oklahoma State University, U.S.A. Brian has nearly 10 years of experience in socio-economic research, most of it in the agricultural, environmental and natural resources policy space. Brian’s work focuses on Markets and Trade Development as well as Climate Change and Natural Resources Management, and involves evidence generation to feed into policy engagements with public and private sector stakeholders, cooperating partners, and aid agencies helping them effectively respond to changing agricultural trade, natural resources and climate risk management needs.

Brian has also led research projects exploring the nexus among, climate change, forest resources extraction and energy in Zambia. Brian’s work draws from economic theory and principles, and applies statistics and econometric as well as qualitative methods to arrive at policy recommendations. Brian possesses strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills as well as presentation, facilitation and coordination skills. He is highly proficient in the use of statistical packages including Stata, R, and SAS among others.

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