Dr. Laurenda Todome- African Center for Equitable Development, Benin

Dr. Laurenda Todome is an accomplished agricultural economist with a profound commitment to advancing the competitiveness of agricultural value chains. With over a decade of experience, she has spearheaded numerous projects aimed at bolstering food security and nutrition. Her expertise lies in project management, where she has successfully implemented inclusive and innovative solutions to promote local value chains, combat poverty, and address the challenges posed by climate change.

Dr. Todome has a proven track record in organizing multi-stakeholder events, including learning events, to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration within the agricultural sector, specifically in the realms of food security and nutrition. Currently serving as the Director of Operations at ACED, she leads the coordination and execution of various projects focused on enhancing food security and nutrition outcomes, utilizing her extensive experience to drive impactful results and sustainable progress.


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