Dr. Nalishebo Meebelo Bade Farewell: A Remarkable Journey of Growth and Contribution at the Africa Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes

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Dr. Nalishebo Meebelo bade a heartfelt farewell to The Africa Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ANAPRI), having served as the Executive Director of the ANAPRI Secretariat for the past four years. Her departure marks the end of a significant chapter in the network’s history, as she leaves behind a legacy of growth, innovation, and invaluable contributions.

During her tenure as the Secretariat Executive Director, Dr. Meebelo played a pivotal role in steering ANAPRI towards new heights. Her leadership was characterized by a commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and a passion for advancing agricultural policy research. Under her guidance, the network has witnessed numerous achievements and milestones, solidifying its position as a key player in the agricultural policy landscape.

Dr. Meebelo’s unwavering dedication to the mission and objectives of ANAPRI has been instrumental in the network’s growth. She implemented strategic initiatives that fostered collaboration among member institutes, promoted knowledge sharing, and enhanced the overall impact of agricultural policy research. Her emphasis on inclusivity and gender balance has created a vibrant and dynamic network that continues to thrive.

One of her notable contributions to the network is the strengthening of ANAPRI’s global presence by establishing strategic partnerships with international organizations, research institutions, and policymakers. These collaborations have facilitated the exchange of knowledge, resources, and expertise, positioning ANAPRI as a key player in shaping agricultural policies at regional and global levels. Her legacy is deeply rooted in the collaborative spirit she fostered and the impactful initiatives she championed. The network stands stronger today, thanks to her dedication to creating a harmonious and growth-oriented environment for research and policy development.

While the departure of Dr. Nalishebo Meebelo marks the end of an era, it also opens the door to new possibilities and opportunities for ANAPRI. As we bid farewell to one chapter, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of the next, confident in the knowledge that ANAPRI’s commitment to generating relevant and high-quality evidence that will continue to shape the future of agricultural policy across the continent. The journey is ongoing, and the network remains dedicated to fostering sustainable inclusive and transformative solutions that uplift communities, empower nations, and secure a resilient and prosperous agricultural future for Africa.