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In the heart of Accra, Ghana, the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana played host to the Feed the Future Innovation Lab Policy Research Capacity and Influence (PRCI) Global Gathering. The event which took place from April 25 to 27, 2023 within the vibrant and luxurious atmosphere of the University of Ghana in Accra, had in attendance, senior leaders, and experts from the PRCI consortium, as well as institutional partners and international policy research institutes.

The goal of the gathering was to celebrate and review PRCI accomplishments over the years, exchange knowledge, share best practices, and discuss solutions to promote sustainable growth in the food system.

The gathering featured several events and activities. For example, the gallery walk was quite noteworthy as it afforded different centers an opportunity to profile their activities, including a focus on what should have received more emphasis in PRCI. Dr Matlou Kalaba, who presented on behalf of ReNAPRI succinctly relayed PRCI’s contributions to ReNAPRI, while other consortium members also presented their own accounts. It was indeed a time for generating new ideas and receiving fresh perspectives. Undoubtedly, the outcomes and knowledge shared in Ghana will not end in Ghana.

Another significant aspect of the programme was the Comprehensive Action for Climate Change Initiative (CACCI) presentation. The CACCI presentation reflected on the initiative’s support to countries in the implementation of their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and national adaptation plans (NAPs), through technical and analytical support and early experiences with facilitation and implementation in targeted pilot countries. 

The ReNAPRI executive Director, Dr Nalishebo Meebelo, Prof Thomas Jayne, Dr Emmanuel Mwakiwa, Dr Mmatlou Kalaba served as panelists for a session in which they highlighted the network’s success story, as a member of the PRCI consortium. Dr Nalishebo pointed out that Africa’s local research institutions do not only come together to share a delicious meal, but rather that, they also collaborate in order to jointly undertake research, and share data, methods, and approaches. ReNAPRI is a regionally coordinated group of 16 national agricultural policy research centres located in 15 countries located in central, east, west, and southern Africa. She further noted that ReNAPRI has helped network members to effectively collaborate in providing solutions towards addressing the common challenges facing their regions, and to enable national policymakers to learn from the experiences of other countries within the region. 

The PRCI global gathering boasted a plethora of other features. It brought together a diverse group of stakeholders from across the globe to share knowledge and learn from each other. It also helped to highlight PRCI components and review its activities. The gathering also helped to build relationships and networks that will be essential for future collaboration. 

Although the physical venue was Ghana, participants converged from different parts of the globe to be part of the successful event both physically and virtually. Without gainsaying, the PRCI global gathering will have a lasting positive effect on all her participants, and this will consequently affect the world. This is indeed, from Ghana to the world.