Innocent Pangapanga-Phiri - Board Member

Innocent Pangapanga-Phiri is the Acting Director of the Centre for Agricultural Research and Development (CARD) at LUANAR. As a Director, Innocent provides leadership and long-term strategic thinking of the Centre's activities related to Policy Research, Quantitative Analysis, Training, Consultancy, and Outreach that support the aspirations of the University, Malawi Vision 2063, and the global development goals. His research interest dangles in areas of advanced econometrics, quantitative research methods, dynamic resource optimization, production economics, game theory, political economics, mobile data programming, climate financing, resilience, and disaster risk management.

Prior to joining the University, Innocent worked in government for half a decade, based at the National Statistics Office, where he championed efforts around the Integrated Household Surveys and the National Statistical System. Besides, he has consulted, as a Policy Economist, for several international organizations, namely, the World Bank, the UNDP, FAO, UNICEF, WHO, KfW, NEPAD, ICRAF, CIMMYT, IITA, IFPRI, CIRAD, among others.

He is a Fellow of Experimental Economics (University of Pretoria), Impact Evaluation and Policy Analysis (University of Cape Town), Econometrics (Brock University), and Environmental Economics (Universities of Stellenbosch, Wits, and Copenhagen). Innocent holds a PhD in Agricultural (Environmental) Economics (University of Pretoria); a Collaborative Master's Degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics (University of Malawi - UNIMA, University of Pretoria); and a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Economics (UNIMA).

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