Ms. Orcídia Tina Chiziane Vilanculos – Research Center for Agriculture Policy and Agri-systems (CEPPAG), Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

Orcídia Chiziane Vilanculos is a Horticulture Value Chain Management Specialist, currently working as a lecture and researcher at Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Programmes (CEPPAG), which is part of Eduardo Mondlane University, the oldest and largest university in Mozambique. CEPPAG is a Mozambican Think tank that conducts Policy research on the Agricultural sector. Over the last five 5 years Orcídia has been actively involved in research in Agricultural policy analysis that resulted in policy recommendation to the Government of Mozambique, in the cotton, cassava, rice, maize and cashew subsectors. Orcídia is also a Research Director at the Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Institutes (ReNAPRI), during this period has participated in analytical work involving partial equilibrium modelling for rice, maize, and soya beans annual outlook .Recently she has been working on estimate the impacts of climate change on Agricultural production in Mozambique.
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