“Our Africa Our Future”; Commemorating 60 years of the Africa Union

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Amid Africa’s rich and diverse fabric, where colours, cultures, and stories intertwine; and where the rhythm of life echoes through the heartbeat of nations, a collective spirit emerges. It is the spirit of unity, of vision, and of a shared purpose. Africa is indeed a continent of beauty and wonder. From the towering mountains of the Kilimanjaro to the vast Sahara Desert; from the lush rainforests of the Congo, and the thundering Victoria Falls, to the bustling cities of Lagos, undoubtedly, Africa is a continent of great beauty, with its stunning scenery and diverse wildlife. 

The unity of Africa has bestowed abundant blessings upon its people. It is this unity that enabled the establishment of ANAPRI (Africa Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes). Like a sprout breaking through fertile soil, ANAPRI blooms as an initiative nurtured by the collective spirit of national agricultural policy institutes across the continent. The network’s goal is to enable its members to effectively coordinate with each other, share data, and collaborate on providing solutions for the common challenges facing the African continent.

This year’s theme of Africa day: “Our Africa, Our Future” echoes through all and sundry. It urges leaders to embrace policies that uplift the marginalized, strengthen rural communities, and provide equal opportunities for all. It urges students, researchers and academics to carry out quality research aimed at influencing policy that will better the lot of all. It urges research institutes to offer evidence-based policy recommendations in order to guide decision-makers so as to ensure that our collective aspirations for inclusive growth and social justice are realized. In other words, it urges everyone to be mindful of the fact that our future is a function of our decisions. 

ANAPRI is a testament of unity and commitment to the future; a transformed future. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and evidence-based policies, we shape a future that defies limitations. We foster economic growth, harness technology, and create sustainable agricultural systems that preserve our precious ecosystems. Our current initiatives under the Comprehensive Action for Climate Change Initiative (CACCI), the Fertilizer and Soil Health Project; Policy Prioritisation through Value Chain Analysis and related training; effects of shocks of foods, fuels and fertilizer prices and availability, all speak of the unwavering commitment of ANAPRI to the agenda of the Africa Union. Our vision transcends borders, weaving a fabric of interconnectedness that strengthens agricultural transformation, trade, agricultural outlook, and cooperation. Through ANAPRI’s tireless efforts, we march towards a future where hunger is replaced by abundance, poverty gives way to prosperity, and inequality crumbles in the face of equal access.

On this Africa Day 2023, let us honour the legacy of our past, celebrate the splendour of our present, and bravely cuddle the promise of our future. For it is in the unity of our diverse voices and our unwavering commitment that the true essence of “Our Africa, Our Future” can be achieved.

God bless the Africa Union

God bless ANAPRI

God bless Africa!!!