5th International Conference of AAAE – 2016

Transforming Smallholder Agriculture in Africa: the Role of Policy & Governance

September 23-26, 2016
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The African Association of Agricultural Economics (AAAE) hosted its fifth triennial conference in Addis Ababa on September 23-26, 2016. The AAAE conferences bring together over 500 professionals and students in the field of agricultural and applied economics in order to present their research, learn about the latest trends, and dialog with other delegates. The theme for the 2016 conference was, “Transforming smallholder agriculture in Africa: The role of policy and governance”. The topic draws on the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), with its goal is to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty through agricultural transformation.

Dr. Antony Chapoto, from IAPRI, presented “Rise of the Medium-Scale Farms in Africa”. His presentation discussed the evidence indicating an increase in medium-scale farms; characteristics of the medium-scale farmers; and necessity for more research and understanding of this trend and its impact on economic development.

“Rise of the Medium-Scale Farmers in Africa” presentation was based on a collaborative paper under the title, “Africa’s changing farm size distribution patterns: the rise of medium-scale farms“. The co-authors represented Michigan State University, ReNAPRI, University of Pretoria and University of Zambia.

Download the presentation here.