Prof. Ferdinand Meyer – Board Member

Prof. Meyer is currently the Director of the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP) in South Africa. BFAP specializes in the field of commodity and supply chain modelling, scenario planning, risk analysis, consumer economics and food price inflation.Apart from advising policy makers, agricultural producers and the agri-business sector within South Africa, BFAP also publishes an Annual Agricultural Outlook, comprising of a 10-year outlook for 44 agricultural commodities. Prior to this position he served as a Commodity Market Analyst responsible for the development and maintenance of a multi-market simulation model for the South African field crops, meat and dairy industry. This also included various models measuring price transmission and market integration as well as supply chain models.

Prof. Meyer has extensive experience lecturing students in undergraduate classes addressing agricultural marketing, econometric modelling and commodity price analysis. As a senior lecturer, he supervised both Masters and PhD students, of which 9 have graduated over the past 4 years. With a number of articles published in international journals and local journals, he is proud to note that Four Best Papers Awards have been received at international and national conferences under his supervision

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