Prof. Levison Chiwaula- MwAPATA Institute, Malawi

Levison Chiwaula is the MwAPATA Institute's Research Director and an economics Professor at the University of Malawi. He is a development economist whose research interests include value chain analysis of agricultural products, poverty and vulnerability analysis, impact evaluations, and economic evaluations of healthcare interventions. Prof. Chiwaula is a seasoned researcher with a track record of winning competitive research grants and publishing in renowned peer-reviewed journals.

He has led and participated in several projects funded by IDRC, DFID, AERC, PEP, and the EU and has also provided consultancy services to several governmental and non-governmental organizations. He has previously held several positions in higher education, including Councillor at Mzuzu University, Dean of Postgraduate Studies, Dean of Social Science, and Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Malawi. He has also served on the Academic Advisory Board of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) and as a board member of the Partnership for Africa's Next Generation of Academics (PANGEA).

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