Fertilizer use on individually and jointly managed crop plots in Mozambique


Using plot level data, this study examines the differential fertilizer application rates on plots managed individually by men, women, or jointly in dual adult households in three districts in south-central Mozambique. The results suggest that—controlling for the demographics of the manager and plot characteristics—joint management of agricultural plots is associated with higher fertilizer application rates on maize plots but with lower fertilizer application on non-food cash plots. Absent equitable sharing of proceeds from jointly managed plots, efforts to increase access to inputs by women may need to be targeted at plots already managed by women themselves. In land-scarce environments where women are less likely to have parcels to cultivate autonomously, these results suggest that improving women’s bargaining power under joint management of agricultural activities may be one way to improve gender equality in agriculture.


Publication Author(s): Marenya, Paswel and Menale Kassie and Emilio Tostao

Publication Date: December 2015

Publication Link: See Here