ReNAPRI Shines Bright in AAP Strategic Planning Meeting

Abuja, Nigeria 11-15th September 2022.

As the sun began setting on Sunday 11th September 2022 in Nigeria’s Capital Abuja, so too was a team of ReNAPRI experts signing into the Transcorp Hilton Hotel upon invitation of one of ReNAPRI’s strategic partners – the Alliance for African Partnerships (AAP). This stellar team of two led by Dr. Andrew Agyei-Holmes sitting in for Executive Director – Dr. Nalishebo Meebelo and Program Coordinator – Alphonse Akouyu were in town to contribute ideas capable of catapulting AAP into higher heights over the next five years. The team began its preparation with a briefing from the Executive Director who called them to let the ReNAPRI light shine bright in all they would say and do over the next three and as they say – ‘they came, they saw, they conquered’.

The AAP strategic planning was opened by the Africa Director Prof. Richard Mkandawire who called on consortium members to use the opportunity to contribute meaningful strategies which will ensure that the organization lives up to this vision of transforming lives through co-created, research-driven initiatives that address shared challenges. Prof Mkandawire ended his remarks by acknowledging the presence of the newest AAP member in town – the Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ReNAPRI). The two wise men representing the network stood up for a thunderous round of applause.

ReNAPRI and AAP have come a long way with ReNAPRI’s former Board Chair and current Board Member- Chance Kabaghe amongst some of the thought leaders who were convened to shape the future of AAP. Both organizations currently collaborate on several policy areas in African Agricultural research. The memories of the SADC Dialogue on Agri-Food Systems which took place in August 2022 are still fresh in the minds of all.

For over three days, the ReNAPRI light shone brightly as the ReNAPRI team contributed top notch ideas which will be useful in shaping the future of AAP from 2023-2028.