ReNAPRI Strategic Sessions 2020

Session01 Group Photo
Photo (l-r): Dr. Andrew Agyei-Holmes (ISSER), Cait Goddard (MSU), Dr. Thom Jayne (MSU), Dr. Neliswa Ndibongo LeCorn (ReNAPRI), Sharolyn Arnett (ReNAPRI), Dr. John Medendorp (MSU), Dr. Antony Chapoto (IAPRI), Dr. Nalishebo Meebelo (ReNAPRI), Prof. Ferdi Meyer (BFAP), Hon. Chance Kabaghe (IAPRI), Lulama Ndibongo Traub (BFAP), Dr. Jackie Bonabana-Wabbi (Makerere University), Dr. Emmanuel Mwakiwa (University of Zimbabwe), Alphonse Akouyu (ReNAPRI), Dr. Adam Akyoo (SUA), Dr. Lilian Kirimi (Tegemeo)

Session 5 Details (9th July 2020)

In preparation of session 5,”Technical Agenda setting, part 1″, please review the following documents and video:

  1. Link to documents in Google Drive
  2. Link to YouTube video


Session 4 Details (18th June 2020)

Session Objective:  Elucidate and develop a process for addressing the barriers to effective internal coordination and inform modalities for better communication within the network.

Material generated from session 4:

  1. The Secretariat requests the following documents to be completed, if you haven’t already:


Session 3 Details (11th June 2020)

Materials generated from session 3:

SWOT Analysis: If your organization hasn’t completed the SWOT analysis, please complete the form and email it to the Secretariat.


Session 2 Details (4th June 2020)

Materials generated from session 2:


Session 1 Details (28th May 2020)

Materials generated from session 1:

The following materials were prepared  in anticipation of the first live Strategic Session:

  1. WRITTEN SPEECH: Strategic Planning Official Launch Statement by Dr. Miltone Ayieko, Chair of the ReNAPRI Board of Directors
  2. VIDEO: Remarks by Lulama Ndibongo Traub, Technical Chair of the ReNAPRI Board of Directors
  3. VIDEO: Remarks by Dr. Nalishebo Meebelo, Senior Program Coordinator, ReNAPRI Secretariat
  4. VIDEO: Introduction by Dr. John Medendorp AND Cait Goddard, MSU 
  5. TRIVIA GAME ACTIVITY: “Lest We Forget: Hindsight is 2020”. This activity is a trivia game on the history of ReNAPRI designed to be an engaging tool for reviewing our history, as we plan for our future.