William Chadza - Board Member

William Chadza serves as Executive Director at MwAPATA Institute, an independent Malawian-led policy think-tank that is aiming at accelerating the adoption of effective Malawian-led policies and programs to drive agricultural transformation.

As Executive Director, William is responsible for providing leadership in support of the Institute’s vision of being a world-class action-oriented policy institute. Prior to joining MwAPATA Institute, William worked in program management with local and international institutions on donor and Government of Malawi-funded programs in food security, climate change, natural resources, and human capital development.

William has a Master of Business Administration specializing in Corporate Governance from the Malawi Institute of Management. William is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in rural development and extension with the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. His Ph.D. research interest is on understanding the catalytic role of emerging medium scale farmers in changing the agricultural landscape in Malawi.

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